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Automation and AI That Go Beyond Bots

Leverage the power of automation and AI to transform customer interactions into personalized experiences and continuous relationships across all touchpoints.

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Automation to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction

Automation to grow revenue and improve customer satisfaction

More about the product

Connect Your Existing IT & Leverage Data

Mesaic’s platform modules connect digital omni-channel interactions within the customer journey via APIs with your system to leverage new and existing data. Our SDKs support a fast plug & play solution.


Operate Customer Journeys & Experiences

Design and manage personalized customer experiences within the Mesaic platform based on your business logic and objectives. Automate relevant tasks and processes.

Consistent mapping of alle customer business interaction

Drive Conversations, Relationships & Commerce

Conversations elevate consistent omni-channel customer relationships across traditional and digital channels, allowing messaging-based engagement, conversations and transactions while driving higher revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Digital Communication v3

A Conversational Operating Platform for your business case

Solution for Logistics

Solution for Logistics

Make contracting, coordination and communication for all logistic tasks a simple and dynamic experience - from cargo over shipment to last mile.

Solution for Services

Solution for Services

Use our agile platform to deliver efficient and personal services with great experiences in customer service, field service and aftersales.

Solution for Commerce

Solution for Commerce

Offer convenient and personal shopping experiences for ecommerce, retail and mobile in all relevant channels.

This is what our customers say

  • "With Mesaic we lifted our customer journey to a whole new level. Our customers can communicate with our service personnel at any given point in time. That is unique in our industry!"

    Andreas Berents, CEO EUROMASTER Germany and Austria

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  • "Working with Mesaic has always been professional and inspirational. The team has a very solution-driven approach that is refreshing and that we benefitted from to a significant degree."

    Carolin Willich, Head of Strategy Management

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  • "I use Mesaic because I can reach new customers without additional effort and typically time-consuming tasks are done in seconds."

    Raja Ghosh, Workshop owner and service partner at Veloyo


Customer interaction within messengers

Business processes are mapped in a messenger. Either Mesaic builds a messenger of its own for the business or they access external ones, such as Facebook Messenger.


For customers: fast, digital and personal communication.

Service Provider

For service providers: structured display of information and support through automation.

Mesaic's Core Features for Customer Conversations

Support through Automation

Support through Automation

Mesaic automates conversational business processes (e.g. bots & machine learning) while delivering personalized customer experiences.

Omni-Channel Conversations

Omni-Channel Conversations

Meet customers in their preferred communication channels while maintain consistent communication across all channels.

Synchronised Information

Synchronised Information

Easily manage processes and information exchange throughout the entire customer journey. Mesaic intelligently synchronizes and consolidates information to minimize redundancies and inconsistencies across the existing IT landscape. is now Mesaic

Different name, same technology. Apart from the name nothing else has changed. The product and the people behind it stay the same. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in contact with us at


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