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"We Believe In A Seamlessly Connected World"

About Us

Enabling service delivery with best customer experience for all businesses

Technology empowers humans to live, work and interact better and richer than ever before. Mobile technology hereby created the first very personal communication device for individuals to connect, share and access rich information. In this time where digital communication and IT determine not only every humans but especially every businesses’ operations, there is a need for a new way of interaction.

Although technology has come a long way and in various cases proven itself to fundamentally enhance business, organizations are still struggling with the implications. Information asymmetries, intransparent processes and various channels of communication between external and internal networks hinder intelligent and efficient value-creation. Redundancy of information between involved parties and the lack of display at the needed time creates inefficiencies, which are costly, time-consuming and result in – at best – mediocre experience for customers.

We believe in a seamlessly connected world. Whether interactions between human and machine or human and human, information has to be easily available and manageable everywhere. In order to achieve this, businesses need to rethink their way of operating, coordinating, connecting and communicating. Pace and impact of technological changes and accordingly high customer expectations increase the pressure to start sooner rather than later. With Mesaic businesses rise to the challenge.

We provide companies with the technology to build a consumer-centric and messaging-driven platform to connect and translate today’s business processes into an experience for the digital tomorrow. By offering an ecosystem based on web pages, apps, messengers and AI, we consolidate the complex environment into a performant and manageable solution. As we consider pace an important piece to success, our technology is fast to deploy without sacrificing stability or business fit.

A solution that works in today’s state of transition and is ready to shape the future.

The Management Team

Sebastian KellnerCEO & Co-Founder
Niko UphoffCTO & Co-Founder
Dr. Gerald DäubleCOO
Celine LincolnHead of Marketing
Raul Gonzalez OsunaHead of Business Development

Our Job Benefits

Dynamic Environment

Dynamic Environment

Be part of a dynamic and flexible environment. We value input and new ideas and think that they are the key to staying constantly relevant in today's fast paced environment.

Great Team

Great Team

We are an international team working professionally with customers from all over the world. Everyone is focused to bring their bits towards our goal.

Vibrant Location

Vibrant Location

We aim to shape the future of service concepts. We do so from within one of the most vibrant areas of Hamburg: Sternschanze.

Learn & Grow

Learn & Grow

Learning is a set of mind. We want you to have every opportunity to stay up to date on the trends and technologies that surround us at Mesaic.

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Empowering businesses to deliver best service experiences

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