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  • AI in Customer Service

    #1 Messaging Services: AI in Customer Service

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of science fiction. In fact, AI is transforming customer service and support. In this first article in a new series we take a general look at some of the benefits of AI in messaging services.

  • Google Pay

    #3 Messenger Update: Payment Services in Messaging Platforms

    We take a closer look at the integration of payment services into messaging platforms in this third Messenger Update article, and consider if businesses will benefit as much as customers.

  • Customer Relationships

    Customer Centricity: #3 Meaningful Relationships

    We have already discussed customer experience and customer journeys in this blog series. And now in the third instalment, we look at the end result of all these efforts: building meaningful customer relationships.

  • Blog Google Chat

    #2 Messenger Update: Making A Business Case For Google Chat

    In our second article on messaging apps, we consider Google’s recent ‘about-turn’ on its platform, Allo, and ask if its ongoing collaboration with mobile operators is the traction needed to give Google a viable real-time communications solution.

  • Apple Business Chat (2018)

    #1 Messenger Update: Apple Business Chat Out Of Beta

    In the first in a series of blogs about the business case for different messaging platforms we look at Apple's Business Chat, now out of beta, and wonder how long companies will have to wait before taking a bite of Apple’s latest UX-driven software.

AI in Customer Service

#1 Messaging Services: AI in Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI): a customer service messaging force to be reckoned with. We show how businesses can benefit from AI. 🤖

Google Pay

#3 Messenger Update: Payment Services in Messaging Platforms

When will we start to see payment services in business-focused messaging platforms? Functionality like this could be a real game changer – if played correctly.

Customer Relationships
Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity: #3 Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful customer relationships are built on trust, consistency, and loyalty: on and offline. 🤝Customer Relationships ✓ CX ✓ Customer Journey ✓ Loyalty ✓

Blog Google Chat

#2 Messenger Update: Making A Business Case For Google Chat

Mesaic takes a closer look at Google’s latest foray into messaging 💬, and wonders to what extent businesses could benefit from RCS.

Apple Business Chat (2018)

#1 Messenger Update: Apple Business Chat Out Of Beta

Mesaic looks at Apple Business Chat 📱– iMessage for company-customer conversations – and considers if and how it goes above and beyond the expected.

Compass edited
Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity: #2 Consistent Journeys

Join Mesaic on a walk through the customer journey; across all digital and traditional touchpoints. ✓CX ✓Customer Interaction ✓Omni-Channel ✓User Experience

Great Customer experience to aim for customer relationships
Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity: #1 Unique Experiences

Mesaic on how to create unique customer experiences in the digital age ✓Omni-Channel ✓Transparency ✓Experience Assessment

Mesaic's View on the Web

Mesaic's View on the Web: GDPR Checklist #1

A brief overview on how to make your business GDPR compliant before May 25th: obligations, guidelines and a 3 step checklist ✍︎

Festive Season
Mesaic's View on the Web

Mesaic’s View on the Web #2: Technology Review 2017

Mesaic’s view on tech trends and developments in 2017. From WhatsApp opening up for businesses to Chatbots and net neutrality in the US.

Facebook Messenger Thumb

Facebook Messenger 2.2 - Updates for Businesses

All new in the updated Facebook Messenger: Facebook is making it easier for businesses to use the messenger for communication towards customers.


WhatsApp Business - Integrating Businesses into the Messenger

The creation of WhatsApp resulted in one of today’s most loved messengers. As it recently opened up for businesses, we’ll have a look at the potential.

Web browsing
Mesaic's View on the Web

Mesaic's View on the Web #1: Progressive Web Apps & Service Worker

The new technology behind Progressive Web Apps called "Service Worker" enables new functions that have previously only been available to native apps.

Customer Engagement

4 Hacks to Create Engagement with Messaging

4 hacks for businesses to engage with their community via messaging. Increase and improve the interaction between business and customers through messaging.

China People Tech

WeChat: The Asian All-in-One Messenger

WeChat is messenger, social media network and e-commerce platform at the same time. It has become China's most popular social network.

Train Asian

LINE: The Asian Messenger for Private and Business Context

The asian messenger app LINE is best-in-class for customer-business interaction within their app. We'll have a closer look at the extensive possibilities.

Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat: A Consistent Approach towards Messaging

At Apples WWDC it was announced that iMessage will be opened for customer-business communication. Business Chat is a move towards conversational commerce.

Phones on Table

Facebook Messenger: Opportunities for Businesses

Facebook Messenger opened up for businesses to interact with customers and meet them in one of their most loved channels. We'll take a look at what this means.

Google messaging RCS - Source: Android Authority

Google RCS: Messaging Platform for Business-Customer Communication

Google is using messaging to allow their business customers to speak to end customers in a digital manner. We'll take a look at how, why and in what way.

Girl in the Streets with a phone

Messaging for Business is Here to Stay

Customer-Business interaction within messaging structures is being pushed by Apple's iMessage, Google's RCS and Facebook Messenger. Here is why it will last.

Blog PlatformInfrastructure

The Change in the Enterprise Technology Landscape

Technology is all-embracing - whether it's business or private. The sheer value of software itself however changed over the last few years.

Blog ConversationalCommerce

The Potential of Conversational Commerce

Users typically communicate in messaging structures as their preferred channel. Taking this approach into the business world is called conversational commerce.

Blog Chatbots

Chatbots - Opportunity or Hype?

Chatbots are promising a valuable tool for high efficiency in customer-business communication. But can chatbots actually live up to the promise?

Blog EnterpriseTechnology

Why Digital Platform Solutions Matter

Platforms are an essential part of the digital life. They can also play a relevant role for the way businesses structure their customer interaction.


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