Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mesaic?

Mesaic is a platform for high mobile engagement through messaging. Our technology enables businesses to intelligently connect involved parties and resources on one platform. Customers experience an intuitive and transparent communication tool while businesses benefit from high efficiency through various features. Our focus is to help you create next-level experiences to stay relevant in the digital today.

We provide you with a solution that maps processes from logistics, service and e-commerce into messaging structures. This happens either within our own Mesaic messenger or you can use already existing ones such as Facebook Messenger, Line or Slack.

How can I start using Mesaic?

Working with us is easy. Get in contact and together we decide on all specifications. Then you purport speed: You can be up and running with Mesaic within 6-8 weeks. There is no requirement to download anything or to have a minimum level of technology already in place.

Why should I use Mesaic?

While our customers are successful in their industry, their size often restricts them from focussing on innovative technology. We provide our platform solution that runs on bleeding-edge technology and ensure continuous developement. Working with us, you can focus on what you are good at and we focus on supporting you with the right technology. We are the tool you need to deliver superior customer experience.

Is Mesaic suited to be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, Mesaic is ready-to-work anywhere in the world. Details such as language, payment & invoicing as well as tax regions can and will be adjusted accordingly.

Is Mesaic right for me?

Our set-up allows a specific adjustment according to your businesses needs and requirements. Modular processes can create any workflow that you would like to map and be extended to your preferred degree.

We have found that Mesaic works especially well with businesses in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics. However Mesaic is not restricted to only those. If you are not from one of those areas but are eager to find out whether Mesaic suits your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Which process steps can be mapped with Mesaic?

Our technology is built to create a consistent customer journey. Thus, we map all process steps:

  • Onboarding of customers via various channels such as website, messenger, voice, e-mail, link, etc.
  • Booking of a service or product
  • Clarification of details within the booking process incl. photos
  • Matching of service partner to the specific job according to different parameters
  • Connecting involved parties within our integrated or external messenger
  • Supporting fulfillment of service
  • Status updates
  • Tracking
  • Notifications for service partner and customer
  • Automated payment and invoicing
  • Rating feature for customers

The workflow is individually adaptable as it consists of single process modules. Thus, Mesaic can easily map logistic, service and e-commerce processes.

Do I have to download and install something to use Mesaic?

In order to take care of your customer-business interaction with Mesaic there is no need to download or install anything as we are cloud-based.

Can Mesaic be integrated into existing infrastructures?

Mesaic can work either way: As a stand-alone solution as well as integrated into existing structures or processes. Our software is build to enable you benefit from Mesaic even if you decide to let it run as a stand-alone solution. Our API allows you to connect in whichever way suits you best. This also means that you can work with our API and deeply connect to build a comprehensive service network.

Does Mesaic run with existing app/web solutions?

Yes, Mesaic can run with existing solutions that you have in place depending on the solution. If you have a specific question concerning integration please contact us.

What is a white-label-solution?

Mesaic is the technology running in the background to assure you deliver future-proof service to your customers. Meaning that our solution will be adapted to your CI in terms of design, communication and processes.

Is a connection between existing channels of customer communication and Mesaic recommended?

Yes, connecting Mesaic with existing channels is recommended from various points of view. You can channel existing traffic better into our solution in order to gain full benefit. Additionally financial and organisational effort can be reduced. The connection of those existing solutions and Mesaic will be done on a technological level.

How fast can I work with Mesaic?

Being fast is what we do. You can be up and running with Mesaic within 6-8 weeks. This differs due to variations in level of integrations and complexity of processes.

What does the solution include?

Working with Mesaic you get the relevant interfaces for customers, service providers and you as the business: A customer client (web, app), a service provider client (web, app) and a business backend and dashboard (web). Additionally you can connect third parties or integrate Mesaic into existing structures with our powerful API & SDKs.

Will my customer data be safe with Mesaic?

We make sure that your data is private and safe. Our multi layered approach and our constant development of the platform ensures protection of your information. Of course we make sure that your data is always available to you in order to assure stable and continuous operations.


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