The #1 Conversational Operating Platform

Mesaic’s platform brings together bot capabilities with the power of automation and intelligence to deliver tangible results with actbots in conversational channels.

  • Mesaic’s Conversational Operating Platform (COP) empowers companies with automation and AI to build continuous relationships with their customers, using channels such as messaging and voice, while simultaneously leveraging data to drive the personalization of business-customer interactions.

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Design unique experiences with our business process editor

Design Unique Experiences With Our Business Process Editor

Powered by automation & AI

The Mesaic COP supercharges business-customer interactions with AI to power smart automation and personalization across all relevant conversational channels. Our technology synergizes human and artificial intelligence to delight customers with keenly personal conversations at scale, while simultaneously boosting employee efficiency. Reducing costs, while providing actionable and data-driven insights for future interactions and continuous improvements!

Automation & AI

Conversational channels to drive customer experiences

Mesaic’s COP allows a frictionless connection with your customers through the interfaces they use daily to message with friends and family or conveniently find quick answers to their questions. Integrating these channels natively in your brand’s strategy is essential in building long-lasting customer relationships. We connect all relevant channels and allow businesses to build on our intelligent platform to offer a data and experience-driven communication.

Conversational Channels to drive customer experiences

Reach your customers in their preferred channels

  • WhatsApp
  • Google Messages
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Messages
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Siri

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