The #1 Conversational Operating Platform

Mesaic’s platform brings together bot capabilities with the power of automation and intelligence to deliver tangible results with actbots in conversational channels.

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Streamlined and powerful - without complexity

The Mesaic Platform empowers companies with automation and AI to build great relationships with their customers, using channels such as messaging and voice, while simultaneously leveraging data to drive the personalization of business-customer interactions.

  • Make use of historical data and real-time behavioral analytics to operate personalized customer journeys. Deliver every future conversation more personal than the last - powered by AI.

  • Translate content, business logic, and operational processes into conversational channels. The Mesaic COP automates business activities and repetitive tasks far beyond chatbot capabilities.

  • Design customer journeys and end-to-end experiences within our COP that transform conversions into rich scalable long-lasting relationships in the channels your customers use daily.

Continuous relationships with Mesaic

The Conversational Operating Platform (COP) brings automation and intelligence to business-customer relationships. Unifying pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase interactions into a continuous and frictionless conversation

Engagement, success and beyond

Elevate your brand perception and customer experiences with every interaction and transaction. Intelligently delivering additional information and offerings, whilst gathering customer insights, data points and feedback across a multitude of formats like ratings, NPS or rich data correlations delivered via our built-in sentiment analysis.

Payment & Invoicing
Transactions with native payments
Google RBM Transactions

Increase your conversion rates with in-chat transactions and native payment solutions. Scale and expand your average order and customer lifetime values by leveraging our seamless upsell and cross-sell capabilities, uniquely personalized to every individual offering.

Intelligent Routing & Coordination

Like in real life, also in customer relationships there are multiple parties and process steps required to deliver a great experience. Once orders have been placed or tickets created, automation, dynamic process logic, and AI take over - intelligently bringing all parties together.

Unified Communication
Consistent mapping of alle customer business interaction

Offer true conversations instead of fragmented dialogs across multiple mediums. From e-commerce to field services, customer care or information broadcasting - build omnichannel experiences across online and offline touchpoints.

Omnichannel Engagement
Google RBM Omnichannel engagement with icons

Engage with your customers within their preferred channels. Re-engage into existing conversations or allow customers to re-connect by easily initiating a new conversation at the point where they left off before.

Data analytics

Businesses benefit from the messenger as all information (not only the messages, but everything about an order) is chronologically mapped. This enables an evaluation of the data with the help of analytics within the business dashboard. Additionally data can be filtered according to individual needs, e.g. only orders from the last three month, only orders with a rating lower than 4 stars.

Why is the messenger at Mesaic’s core?

Why is the messenger at Mesaic’s core?

The post-app-era requires new approaches to engage with customers. Messaging as a channel for communication is well known and highly trusted by users all over the world. Just to give an example: The Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. With our focus on messaging we want to provide businesses with a software to easily meet their customers in their used surroundings.

How fast can I start working with Mesaic?

How fast can I start working with Mesaic?

Our software is built for fast implementation. Once a business decides to work with Mesaic, it can be up and running with our technology within a short period of time. As businesses have existing structure, processes and technologies in place Mesaic can either start as a stand-alone solution in order to be fast or be integrated to whichever degree needed. API and SDKs enable different degrees of integration.


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