Software for customer interaction in messengers

Mesaic offers businesses the opportunity to manage all aspects of customer interaction and transaction in one consistent channel.

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Complex software - Easy solution

There are typically three parties involved for customer-business-interaction: the customer, the business and an internal (or external) service partner. They each receive individual interfaces to be connected in the best possible way.

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    Mesaic creates customer interaction within messengers for the business to create great customer conversations and to document all interaction for future reference and optimisation.

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    The business process modeller within the technology allows customisation of processes according to the business' needs and requirements.

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    Implementing various messengers to create a new way for customer interaction can easily be done with Mesaic. The solution can run as a stand-alone solution or be integrated to whichever degree needed.

Customer interaction with Mesaic

Mesaic displays all aspects of customer-business interaction in messaging structures, typically but not exclusively including the following process steps

Payment & Invoicing
Payment & Invoicing

Payment and invoicing is automated. Various payment methods and tax regions are supported by the system and even complex functionalities like payout and upselling are included to map even complex processes.


Communication within messengers supports exchange of content as known and used by billions of people: Text, emojis, photos and videos. This can be done in Mesaic’s own messenger or the information is mapped in external messengers.

Order assignment

As soon as an order has been received, its matched to the right service partner according to parameters defined by the business. This is done automatically taking into account availabilities and expenditures of time for the specific service.

Documentation of information

All relevant information is documented within the messenger, visible to all involved parties, available at all times and on all devices. Additionally the information is automatically updated and synchronised enabling real-time updates.

First contact

With Mesaic businesses can communicate with customers in whichever messenger they choose. There is the business' own Mesaic Messenger or external ones such as Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage or WhatsApp.

Data analytics

Businesses benefit from the messenger as all information (not only the messages, but everything about an order) is chronologically mapped. This enables an evaluation of the data with the help of analytics within the business dashboard. Additionally data can be filtered according to individual needs, e.g. only orders from the last three month, only orders with a rating lower than 4 stars.

Why is the messenger at Mesaic’s core?

Why is the messenger at Mesaic’s core?

The post-app-era requires new approaches to engage with customers. Messaging as a channel for communication is well known and highly trusted by users all over the world. Just to give an example: The Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. With our focus on messaging we want to provide businesses with a software to easily meet their customers in their used surroundings.

How fast can I start working with Mesaic?

How fast can I start working with Mesaic?

Our software is built for fast implementation. Once a business decides to work with Mesaic, it can be up and running with our technology within a short period of time. As businesses have existing structure, processes and technologies in place Mesaic can either start as a stand-alone solution in order to be fast or be integrated to whichever degree needed. API and SDKs enable different degrees of integration.


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