Software Solution for Simple Integration

Everything you need for seamless integration

Our modular platform is built to not only run as a stand-alone but also be integrated into any existing system.

  • Our chat SDK exposes our infrastructure for message synchronisation - make the most of our powerful messenger.

  • Our API enables you to integrate Mesaic into existing structures as much as needed. Or you decide to not do so at all - your call!

  • We allow third party integrations to meet the unique needs and requirements of each and every business. Custom-fitted.

Powerful Technology@2x

In today’s environment, most business opportunities... not start on a green field.

While the Mesaic platform can be operated as a stand-alone solution, it is very likely that relevant systems already exist and are actively being used for business operation. Therefore, we have made our API (Application Programming Interface) a central piece of Mesaic. An API acts as a so called „software-to-software interface“. Allowing you to benefit from our technology without throwing away all the effort that you already put into yours. Instead you can make use of your existing infrastructure (systems, platforms, tools etc.) and only add those modules to the system that provide extra value.

While our API allows different softwares to communicate with each other, our SDK (Software Developer Kit) enables our customers to use, integrate and adapt Mesaic’s functionalities. The SDKs allows individual adjustments and automatic improvements that mean low maintenance for you. Existing applications are easily enriched with continuously improved and newly-added features. Thus, with Mesaic - whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated to you preferred degree with the API and SDK’s - you can reach a future-proof combination of efficiency, speed and flexibility.

Efficient exchange of data between client systems and API

Our API enables access to the Mesaic platform. In simple words: It enables software-to-software communication. This means for example that an inquiry by a customer in your business's already existing system can result in the creation of an order on Mesaic’s platform and everything that is implied by doing so. Every functionality within Mesaic, such as the creation of an order, can be triggered by your system.

All steps of an order are then naturally mapped within our messenger. With webhooks in place we additionally enable bidirectional communication from our API. Webhooks notify your system of events that happen within the Mesaic platform. That way the relevant information of every single process step can be played back towards your system where needed to consequently trigger further actions on your side. Real-time updates in what is happening within the Mesaic platform straight to your system. This does not in any way affect all the information that will be available to you in our dashboard for business.

Additionally our API serves as a touch point with critical business systems that are already in place like ERP, CRM, third party platforms.

If you have any questions about our API capabilities, want to share some feedback or have come across a bug, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

High-performance SDKs for iOS, Android and Web

Another valuable part of our solution are our SDKs (Software Developer Kits). While our API allows you to use all the functionalities of our platform, our SDK’s enable you to easily embed the functionalities into existing applications including layout and design. It means that a singular module within your system presents the content from Mesaic delivered by our SDK.

Within that module you are capable of adjusting bits and pieces according to your design guidelines. Using our SDK is beneficial to you as everything that is developed or improved for the functionality, will be automatically updated. Updates are out of the box and at the same time effort for implementation is kept low.

If you have any questions, which functionalities will be available via SDK or should you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Are you an agency?

Are you an agency?

We are opening up for beta to work with agencies. If you are looking to work with messaging for projects, clients and ideas, we are more than happy to talk to you.

Are you a business?

Are you a business?

Curious to find out how Mesaic can be integrated into your existing system? We'll make sure to deliver additional value whichever business model you follow.


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