AI-powered digital acceleration

Intelligently delivered via messaging channels. Our Platform delivers superior omnichannel engagement, that improves digital experiences whilst optimizing the entire customer journey.

Proactive communication

Leverage data from multiple touchpoints & business systems to automate contextual & personalized customer journeys to reduce churn & unit economics.

Intelligent engagement

Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) capabilities that account for both customer context & preference, translating raw data into actionable analytics.

Centralized rich data

Unified rich data from our COP empowers, actionable, optimization opportunities for commerce & service driven communication.

Orchestrate experiences, dynamically personalized across a multitude of channels to deliver rich omnichannel engagement success.

Conversational Connect

An omnichannel contact center solution connecting all involved parties from engagement to customer success.

Conversational Commerce

Browse products, receive information, conclude transactions. Commerce, seamlessly within a conversational interface.

Conversational Service

Improve service delivery efficiencies & eliminate fragmented experiences with our conversational service solution.

Customer self-service

Delivered intelligently with NLP powered decision logic to automate inbound inquiries & outbound engagement. Seamlessly routing priority queries to human agents.

Verification and security

Protect your digital services with geo-location & ID&V processes capabilities. Automated alerts, verify suspicious system interactions & transactions & more.

Omnichannel support

Consolidate & enrich your support touchpoints, empowering customers to engage in their channel of choice & agents to interact through one unified omnichannel enabled platform.

With Mesaic we lifted our customer journey to a whole new level. Our customers can communicate with our service personnel at any given point in time. That is unique in our industry!

Andreas Berents,
CEO Euromaster Germany (DACH)

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